3 Great Online DStv Deals for Kenyans

When it comes to entertainment, many people around the globe mean their television. Not just entertainment, they get everything else like watching the news. In Kenya, DStv has been around for years by now and is popular among the people here. They offer different entertainment packages through their TV services. If you want to connect with such a TV service provider, you can get in touch with DStv Kenya contacts and have access to your favourite TV channels and shows from your TV. Here are the three great online deals for Kenyans:

  • The ‘Premium’ Package Packs The Premium Cream

Costing at around 7,800 KES per month, the premium stuff that you get in this ‘Premium’ package is immense. Ranging from Documentary channels to Sports channels and Kids’ channels to News and Music ones, the list is long. You can get all the popular channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox, Spice TV and a lot more. Yes, you all get the news channels like CNN and NTV Kenya or MTV Base and Comedy Central for entertainment. Not just these, once you get in touch with DStv Kenya contacts, you can get a lot more info on what you receive against the price you pay.

  • The ‘Compact Plus’ Package Offers Plenty Of Stuff

The ‘Compact Plus’ package bags in a lesser number of channels than the Premium one, but has still much to offer. At a reduced price of around 4,700 KES for a month, this package brought to you by DStv looks promising enough to attract users. If you are one of those users, who watch TV periodically and does not have a lot of time to spare on it, then this package is the one you need. You pay a lot less than the ‘Premium’ one, which is also good for people who are having tighter budgets for TV services. Just, for instance, you get FOX, NTV Kenya, Spice TV, Cartoon Network etc even in this package.

  • The ‘Compact’ Package Satisfies Your Little TV-Consuming Hours

Starting at a lower price of 2,600 KES per month, the ‘Compact’ package by DStv Kenya offers you infotainment for your little rest hours. You can get more than 140 TV and audio channels under this package. Stay in amazement as you get great channels like National Geographic and M-NET Action. 

So, these are the best three online TV services deals for Kenyans available right now.