3 Reasons Why Employers Should Run Background Checks

In today’s technological age, it’s never been easier to run background checks on all potential employees. Businesses no longer have just a resume to rely on. Background checks comprehensively cover driving records, verifications, substance abuse testing, criminal record searches and consumer credit records. Here are three reasons why every employer should engage the services of a reputable employee screening organization.

Safety and Legal Obligations

Background check services for employers are there to keep the people for whom you’re responsible safe. If a situation were to happen involving a new employee that a background check would have flagged, you would be held legally accountable for any harm that came to anyone within your organization. There’s even a legal term for it. Negligible hiring goes by the theory that a hiring firm should have known about a new employee’s background before they recruited them. Don’t get caught out.

Reduce Turnover

You’ll get a better perspective of the type of person someone is through a background check, something you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on during the interview process. This helps determine if they’re suitable for the role. Someone who has had many jobs in a short space of time, or who is “flighty” and irresponsible, has no reason to behave any differently in your role. You could find yourself recruiting again in a few months; a background check saves you this bother.


Workplace hire is a complex decision. You have to make a call whether someone is trustworthy enough to represent your brand when you have very little information to go from. While a background check never gives you a true measure of someone, it reassures you they’re a safe and reliable person to have working with you, enabling you to make a hiring decision knowing little else about them personally.

A background check service gives you the confidence to bring someone new into the business. You can welcome aboard a new team member, reassured you have done your due diligence to keep your other employees safe.

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