365Falcon: Why Traders Use Indicators While Trading In Equity Market 

One way to make the trading process simple is to follow the chart indicators, and you should know the process of applying and using those indicators. There are various chart indicators that you can use at 365Falcon, but here you will get to know about the three important chart indicators. So let’s start.

Trading With Moving Averages

One of the best indicators that you can try is moving average. A moving average helps traders to find the best trading opportunities. For example, in a bullish market trend, you can use moving average to spot the trend and let you know the right time for buying and selling. 

Trading With RSI

It is a popular indicator that the trader uses. This market indicator is easy to use and apply. It helps you to tell when a particular stock is overbought or undervalued. Those traders who like to make perfect entry and exit in the stock market can use this tool for getting effective results.

Trading With Support and Resistance 

This indicator is considered a goldmine for traders. It helps the traders predict whether the price will go up or down at a given time. As a general rule, most traders sell their assets at resistance and buy at support.

Bottom Line 

365Falcon is a trading platform where you can invest in many kinds of assets. You can invest in equity markets, commodities, future and options and lots more. This company is a trusted trading platform, and thousands of customers have been trading on this platform for a long time.