4 Tips for Designing the Most Productive Office Space

You probably spend a good portion of each day in your office or workspace. Whether that is in your home or another building there are steps you can take to boost your productivity and make working more enjoyable.

  1. Bring Nature Inside

Plants are a great addition to office spaces. More than attractive decorations that need a bit of extra attention, they can boost productivity and contribute to higher energy levels among workers. Plus, there are numerous studies on the health benefits of being around live plants and natural elements.

Not sure how to incorporate plants into your business facilities? Try adding a few potted plants throughout common areas. A living wall is a nice touch if you have the space and budget to incorporate one.

  1. Use Color to Your Advantage

There is an entire school of thought that studies color and how it affects your thinking, emotions and behaviors. And, according to experts in that field, painting offices in specific color pallets can help influence moods and increase the productivity of workers in them. Here’s a quick breakdown on some color choices:

  • Yellow boosts optimism and creativity
  • Green reduces eye strain and calms the mind
  • Blue soothes and helps workers focus on a specific task
  • Red increases the heart rate and boosts performance
  1. Utilize Space Wisely

While your company culture is more important to overall productivity than your floorplan, how your staff space is arranged does have a big impact. There is a wide range of office layout designs you can choose from. Which one works best will depend on what type of work people are doing in the space and their individual personalities.

The big push for communal work areas brought attention to a glaring lack of privacy and personalization in these spaces. Sure, they encourage cooperation, but workers don’t have a chance to retreat to their corners. By adding partition furniture Los Angeles offices can create a little more privacy while still maintaining good traffic flow.

  1. Remove Clutter

There are plenty of reasons to keep an office (or any room) free from clutter. It helps increase concentration and productivity, boosts your mood, and can even help keep you healthier. Take the time to create an organization system that works for you and then use it regularly. Leave a little room for personalization of the space. Bringing in some pictures of family, friends or favorite places can help keep you motivated and remind you why you work so hard each day.

No one wants to spend all day in a room that drains their energy or leaves them feeling overwhelmed. Take steps to find what works for you and those around you, and then work to incorporate them into your office space.

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