5 easy things you can do to slow down climate change!

Climate change is real & it is happening right now. Sadly, the nature we enjoy today may not remain the same in the future. The ice sheets are melting, there is rapid deforestation, and the permafrost is also melting. All these ongoing effects of climate change are only a few of the tipping points. Our global temperature is continuously rising due to human activities and scientists are continuously warning that this changing further will exacerbate climate change in irreversible ways. More unfortunately, the extreme consequences of climate changes increase the number of weather refugees. You as a consumer as a customer have a huge role to play.

Let’s check out a few things you can do which can help reduce the climate change effect.

5 ways you can do your part in fighting climate change

  1. Reach out to the people who are in power

You can meet with local government representatives to discuss climate change with them and why taking action for climate change is important. You can write letters to state and national government representatives. You can create or sign petitions that are delivered to politicians. Join forces with climate change activists to speak loudly and clearly about the changes the world needs.

  1. Eat less meat and dairy products

Reducing your consumption of meat and dairy is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The meat and dairy industries are big culprits for increasing our carbon footprint. Having a plant-based high fibre diet is good for health. Eating such food that is locally grown will reduce the amount of carbon emissions.

  1. Leave your car at home

Leave your car at home and take a walk or cycle to your destination. Research has shown that walking and cycling can improve mental and physical health. If driving, switch off the engine whenever you aren’t in motion (if safe to do so). Keeping your car in tip top shape with regular maintenance will help too. Just as comprehensive car insurance will assist you if your car is in an accident or is stolen.

  1. Cut off flying

Flying leaves behind a huge carbon footprint, so if you have to travel within your own country then check for other alternatives like trains and carpooling with others. Road trips are wonderful ways to see your country! If flying is unavoidable, pay the airlines a little extra and opt for carbon offsetting.

  1. Reduce energy consumption

Small changes in your behaviour will help you to save a lot of energy. Always make sure you switch off the lights when you are not using them. Use solar power if possible. You can also switch from LED to energy-saving bulbs with high energy efficiency.

These above-mentioned ways will help you to fight climate change, and you can start these practices now. Once you have gained enough knowledge about reducing carbon footprint and fighting climate change you can educate others about it. Knowledge is power so it is important to let those close to you know about the immediate environmental concerns.