A Guide to Buy Fake Money

It is true that the internet has given us the privilege of buying anything and everything. From a hair clip to a mansion, everything is just a click away – but you still need a hefty amount in your account to buy it. That money does not necessarily has to be legit. Yes, you can buy fake money on the internet and use it to make your day to day purchases.

As easy as it may sound, it is important to look at several aspects before you buy fake cash, like: the qualities of the notes.

Here are the details that will help you in buying undetectable fake money:

Don’t be too thrilled when you visit a place that has fake money for sale. You need to stay vigilant and do proper inspection before purchasing it. When buying the fake money notes, make sure that they are undetectable. For that, you should match all the things that are checked in the real ones. If the fake notes are free from these errors, you can buy them without any worries.

Presence of Color Shifting Ink: The absence of color shifting ink is one of the easiest methods of detecting fake money. It should be present at the bottom of the note. This feature is commonly found in currencies. Also, one of the most common mistakes counterfeiters do is; not using a color shifting ink.

Watermark: You should never use a counterfeit note if it doesn’t have its respective watermark. The watermark should be present on the right side of the bill and should be visible in normal lighting. It is better to avoid a note that lacks watermark because it could get you in trouble.

Slight Elevation on the Bill: Every currency has some elevation in the printing and the depth in the picture can be found when magnified. This is an area where the fake money printers struggle as the elevation could be assessed by scratching the bill with a fingernail. Make sure to use your nail and detect the elevation.

Avoiding Blurry Text: A lot of times, the fake notes have blurry borders or texts. These are the red flags that you need to avoid at all costs. A high quality note would be extremely detailed and with die-cut printing plates – creating very subtle lines. 

Presence of Security Threads: A genuine note has fine threads woven in and out, making it a distinctive feature of authentication. This security indicator is often missing in lower quality fake notes. If printed right, the correct thread color would be visible under black UV light.

Serial numbers: In good quality bills, there is a difference in the size of each number according to the specific year of printing and those numbers are evenly distributed. This is a tiny difference so a lot of low quality printers don’t really care about it, but you have to stay vigilant.

Look out for the aforementioned errors and you’re good to go. Happy counterfeiting!

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