A guide to online shoppers for importing goods

With the festival season approaching, people are considering to buy gifts or stuffs online from retailers, both abroad and locally, as they get a great pick from a wide variety of goods at completive prices. The increasing volume of the ecommerce business shows that online purchasing is catching on.

Importing low-valued products from other nations can sound quite exciting, but not many consumers are aware of the rules and laws associated with importing materials online from international retailers as additional expenses and customs charges can make the product less of an attractive purchase.  

Below listed are some processes that you can make the importing tasks a less complicated. 

Where to purchase?

Not many people are aware of the current regulations being imposed on the goods that are imported into the nation. Some items like branded garments can attract heavy cost of duty, depending on the country of manufacturer, contents and price. The goods shipped across the international borders should clear through customs. Hence you should check for any possible restrictions or ban attached to specific goods or else your products get detained by customs or you may suffer any financial losses. 

Do your research 

Before selecting any products to import, you need to identify whether the goods are permitted into Canada or not. You should be absolutely certain that the products are importable or else you’ll lose money.

Beware of import taxes

Apart from checking for any shipping (or delivery) changers, you should also take a look import duty costs and taxes, if applicable. Certain products like fancy toys, wines, branded footwear are calculated in terms of quantity, or/and value, while some products, such as perfumes, jewellery, mobile phones are calculated on the price of the product.

You should also check whether any customs charges are applicable on the imported goods. Always check for shipping charges. They may not be explicitly mentioned while you are placing the order and may make the product more expensive than the offline.

Be careful about fraudulent websites as some may charge extra shipping costs that make the product more expensive than the offline.  Look for reviews and feedback, if possible. 

It’s better to take service from customs agents or brokers who can help you with importing goods and get a clearance at customs.

You can now import to Canada with Clearit quickly by paying affordable customs brokerage fees. Having their services not only in Canada, but also across the world, the firm is running this business successfully for many years from now.


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