All That You Need to Know About the Medical Mortgage Loan

Mortgage for doctors and nurses, whose earnings are stable, but low, are very important and stimulates the solution of the housing problem for this category of citizens.Health workers, by the nature of their activities, bear a high social responsibility, which means they need increased protection and significant social guarantees.

It should also be noted that in each region, social mortgages for medical workers are implemented differently, depending on the capabilities of the local budget. The same can be said for the doctor mortgage loan now.

The health worker has the right to rely on social support in the acquisition of housing and preferential mortgage lending in the following cases:

The age of the paramedic at the time of registration of the mortgage is not older than 35 years. The age of the health worker will not exceed 70 years at the time of loan repayment. Work experience of at least 1 year. The health worker does not have his own housing, or less than 18 square meters per person at his place of residence.

The procedure for obtaining a mortgage for medical professionals is as follows:

·         You contact the governing body at the place of permanent registration and register.

·         You are waiting for your turn to receive housing on special conditions.

·         Becoming a member of the “Mortgage for Medical Professionals” program, you apply to the bank for a loan.

At the first stage, before going to the local administration, collect all the necessary documents:

·         Passport.

·         Employment record or its certified copy.

·         Education document.

·         SNILS.

·         TIN.

·         Marriage certificate.

·         Birth certificate of children.

·         Certificate of registration at the place of residence.

·         Documents confirming the ownership of real estate, cars and other expensive property.

·         Extract from the BCI.

·         Bank statements.

After approval, the registration of real estate in the property occurs in the same manner as for a regular mortgage.It must be remembered that, taking into account social policy, priority is given to the following categories of medical workers in the distribution of housing benefits:

·         Young medical specialists.

·         Young families of health workers with children (especially large families).

·         Medical workers who moved to the countryside.

In such cases, they will be given a “lift” (a one-time payment of up to 1 million rubles) or a house with a plot, if not free, then on very favorable terms of the acquisition. There is a nuance: the health worker must work in the village for at least 5 years, otherwise everything received will have to be returned to the state.

Preferential mortgages are provided to doctors the faster, the more popular is the specialty of a health worker in the region where he works.

In cities, there are often large queues for housing, which are moving very slowly. This comes from a budget deficit.

An interesting point is that employees of medical universities are also entitled to housing benefits, but at the federal, and not at the regional level. An employee of a medical university may not rely on targeted financial assistance in the form of an initial contribution for housing from the state, but only on a discount on mortgage interest.

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