Are You Applying For Bankruptcy and Consulting Your Lawyer?

Often people are a bit nervous and embarrassed while meeting with any bankruptcy attorney for discussing personal bankruptcy. The very thought of bankruptcy may create certain strange emotions. All bankruptcy lawyers understand that for every individual this is a very difficult moment to face such a situation.

A New York bankruptcy attorney can understand that most people become bankrupt because of certain circumstances that are beyond the control and a situation like job loss or certain major medical issues can happen with anyone. 

No bankruptcy lawyers ever blame or make judgments on their clients. Rather they work with their clients and offer them a certain solution to their current financial problems, that can either be related to bankruptcy or some other solution like debt settlement or credit counseling.

How to prepare for answering various questions of Lawyer?

People who are totally broke may visit the office of the lawyer because they want some help for some of their immediate problems, and most lawyers are aware of what kind of question people may ask under such a situation.

For instance, if a bankruptcy lawyer asks you why did you call him then most likely your answer will be that your debts have been increasing and your stress has become unbearable. 

However, quite possibly, you might be facing any one of the situations that are mentioned below. If you are indeed facing such a problem then the lawyer will like to know about that, as it will need urgent attention:

  • Your employer may have received a certain wage garnishment
  • Someone must have served you a lawsuit
  • Your home could be in foreclosure
  • You may be facing eviction
  • Your creditor must have taken money out of your bank account 
  • You may be late on paying the installments of your car loan payment and maybe you don’t want it to be repossessed.

Having evaluated your primary problem, your bankruptcy lawyer will then assess whether you are qualified for filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So he will ask questions about your size of family, income, and assets, what type of debt that you owe, and whether you have made any purchases or done property transfers recently, etc. 

The following are a few standard questions that he will ask:

  • Are you married? 
  • Whether you have any children?
  • What is your current income including your spouse?
  • How much money did you earn during the last 6 months?
  • What kind of debt that you owe?
  • Whether you owe any past-due taxes or any domestic support obligation?
  • Whether your creditor have any judgment against you?
  • Whether you have any kind of assets?
  • How much will be your total assets?
  • Have you recently purchased or transferred any property?
  • What are you expecting to accomplish with your bankruptcy?

You need to prepare all relevant documents to show your answer to all the above questions for the information of the bankruptcy lawyer.

Just having a meeting with any bankruptcy lawyer will not mean that you will be filing for bankruptcy. It is always better to review and research all your options to enable you to make your best decision under the circumstance.