Are You Selling or Pawning an Android Phone? You Must Read This!

About 51% of smartphone users are operating Android on their device. That’s nearly 900 million people. Why is the reason behind people liking Android so much? Well, it’s for some reasons. Android has more enhanced apps, variety, quality, and ease. For these reasons, pawnshops prefer buying and selling Androids. In case you have an Android phone you want to pawn or sell, then these tips will assist you in getting the best price. At a pawn shop, you may also obtain collateral loans, keeping any valuable item as security.

As mentioned before, people prefer Androids for many reasons. One of those reasons is Android offers variation. There are many diverse Android devices out there, each with a separate hardware and software configuration, from many separate companies. Incorporate special instructions for every phone would be a strenuous task. So, here is some suggestion that applies to all kinds of Android phones, and then information on some famous ones. If you want to sell my phone for cash today, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a reliable pawn shop near you. They will surely help you and get you the best price for your phone!

Backup and Clean All the Data

Ensure you save all your photos, music, contacts, and other details. Then delete all that data from your Android and restore it to the initial factory settings. You don’t desire the next owner of your Android to have any of that data.

Remove your SIM Card

Many phones have SIM cards to reach a cellular network. If your phone has a detachable back, odds are the SIM card is obvious once the back cover and battery are separated. If your SIM card is not there or you don’t have a detachable back, it is certain to be in a slot on the side of your phone.

IMEI Check

Ensure that your cell phone is paid for before you decide to pawn or sell it. Pawnshops will perform an IMEI check to make sure the phone isn’t lost and is paid off. If the Android you are attempting to pawn or sell is not paid off completely, your Android will be hindered from being able to be activated on any cellular system and is of no worth to pawn shops.

Packaging & Accessories

If you have the original packaging and accessories that arrived with your Android phone, carry those along with you. Bring accessories like the charger, box, or touch screen pen; these are imperative to guarantee that you get the highest value possible for your Android phone.

In case you have decided to sell your phone for some good cash, then a pawn shop is your best bet. You can visit the shop and sell your any phone at the best prices. The staff members will evaluate the cost of your phone and give you cash instantly. Make the best use of your unused phone today!