Best Forex Broker to Learn Trading

If you’re interested in learning out forex trading with a good investment, then 70Trades is a registered trading platform owned by Commodious FX Limited, which is located in Vanuatu. It aims to change the world of online currency and stock investing. The online platform makes the business experience very easy for beginner traders and those who do not have much knowledge in trading.

Anyone who wants to be successful and get a higher return on investment should do trading on the authorized online platform. 

Why 70 Trades Is Unique?

The platform is available on web-based versions and provides a variety of trading assets such as currencies, crypto, market indicators, and stocks. Panels are available in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian. Many potential traders come from South Africa, Qatar, UAE, and India.

Things You Need To Know Before Joining An Online Trading Platform:

Deposit Security

A few platforms are unique because they offer a lot of potential traders that other forex brokers don’t. However, this does not mean that those are depictive in any way. They are dedicated to providing 100% security during the deposit process. They have also some advanced deposit requirements.


The regulations that the parent company such as 70Trades enters strictly follow their main business. The best trading platform wishes their clients well, so they can do their best to give each of their investors the best opportunity to build a profitable trading portfolio.

It’s Not A Scam

Many people have a question regarding the scam. But the answer is, it’s not a scam. Reputed traders are a trustworthy and secure broker. They also have excellent resources for information and tutorials. They have many clients who trust them because they help with every trade.

What Are The Deposit And Withdraw Conditions for Trading?


Many platforms give their investors safe, reliable, and secure deposit methods. A few deposit options are:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • Moneybookers
  • Wire Transfer
  • Verified With Authorized Rbi Banks


In addition to providing ample deposit methods, some trading companies like 70Trades has recently simplified the process of withdrawal. The simplified withdrawal steps start with Installing the trading tool in your device and then log in and register your withdrawal request.

And then send the payments to the payment department of the traders along with some documents such as ID, driving license, and a copy of passport size photo. You might also need to send the entire agreement with hand-signed and dated.