CFDAdvanced Review: Is It A Broker That You Should Trust

In this CFDAdvanced Review, you will find out whether or not this online trading firm is one that you should trust. I have traded with several different online firms over the years and my experience with CFDAdvanced has been among the most memorable ones. It can be hard to find a brokerage firm that offers great trading features and services while also being a secure and trustworthy platform. While not all trading firms selected without care may turn out to be a fraudulent scheme, you may end up with an expensive brokerage firm if you are not careful when selecting. 

CFDAdvanced offers amazing features and services that allow traders to have an enjoyable trading experience. Let’s review some features of CFDAdvanced to see what makes it a trustworthy platform.  

Top Features of CFDAdvanced That Make It A Reliable Platform

Regulatory Status

A sure sign of whether a firm is reliable or not is its regulatory status. You should always take a look at the regulatory status of the firm before deicing to sign up with it. You should never sign up with offshore brokers as the validity of their regulatory license cannot be confirmed. CFDAdvanced is a double regulated brokerage firm which means that a third party is observing its actions at all times. This means that the broker cannot do anything illegal without getting caught. As a part of the regulatory requirements, the online trading firm is compliant with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies. 

Security Protocols

Online trading firms are frequently attacked by hackers as the database contains a lot of sensitive data about the traders. You provide the trading firm with this information during the registration process to confirm your identity. The information varies from the basics such as your name to confidential data such as your passport number and copies of your government-issued identity cards. For this reason, it is important for brokerage firms to keep their system secure. CFDAdvanced uses strict security protocols to make sure that its system is protected at all times. Regular updates and checks are made to eliminate any bugs that may have attached themselves to the system. 

Segregated Accounts

The firm keeps your funds in segregated accounts. Segregated accounts are used to keep the traders’ funds away from the reach of the brokerage firm. If the firm ever gets hacked, then the traders’ funds will be safe from the reach of the hacker as they are not in the same system. Furthermore, the segregated accounts keep your money out of reach of the broker as well so the firm cannot use it for its own investments.  

Trading Academy  

Whenever you get a new job, you have a trainer who teaches you about the basics of your position. Similarly, when you start your career in online trading, you need a mentor who can teach you the basics of online trading. It can be difficult to find someone if you don’t have a financial background and many new traders come from similar backgrounds. To make sure that its traders have a seamless trading experience, CFDAdvanced offers its own trading academy. Traders are taught a step-by-step approach to online trading and investing. The firm has a team of around 140 expert traders who personally guide traders and help them get familiar with the ropes of online trading.  

Final Words

The features discussed in this review all highlight the aspects that make CFDAdvanced a trustworthy platform. The firm has been in the field for over 40 years and has yet to be associated with a scam or legal issues. CFDAdvanced checks all the marks of a trustworthy trading platform as it is a regulated firm that offers a secure trading environment to all traders. Segregated accounts and the safe deposit and withdrawal methods show how much care the firm has put into providing a secure trading space.