Essential tips to better your credit score

Increasing your credit score is possible when you spend consciously and pay bills on time. discusses easy ways how to increase the credit score by 50 points. All you need is a little bit of knowledge about your past credit dues and how credit score works. 

Firstly, make sure you don’t have high balances on the credit card. We understand that credit card is the need of modern times, and not all the time you can pay by your debit card or savings account. There has to be a certain proportion that should be maintained at all times when you pay by credit card. According to market research and credit reports, your balance should not go by 20% above your credit limit. Suppose you have a credit limit of thousand dollars, then you should not exceed a balance bill of $200 every month. Paying your bills on time is the most essential thing that can affect your credit score.

Secondly, applying for more than one credit card or applying for credit quite often will affect your credit report. When you don’t apply for new credit cards or instant loans, then your credit score will be increased significantly. This is essential to keep your credit score healthy. 

You should always get your credit report at least twice a year and check for any disputed payments. Analyze all the payments, and if you think that something has been a negative mark on your credit report by mistake then raise a dispute with a credit bureau. This might come as surprise to many people. But there are times when a wrong error is mentioned in your credit report which is interrupting your credit score from increasing. 

You should try to combine the loans of different credit cards. Calculate the balance, and try to take a personal loan at a lower interest and pay all the credit card balances. You can also discontinue the use of credit cards for a few months which will increase your credit score. Going for a balance transfer to a lower interest rate is also a good idea to reduce debt and liabilities. 

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