Finnable- Your ultimate app for all types of loan

From the advent of banking as a commercial sector, The world saw the rise and fall of many banks, but what must be kept in mind is that safekeeping your money was never the driving force for this sector that took over the world economy. Instead, it was loaned; the mechanism of borrowing money at a low rate and lending at a much higher one is a simple and pretty old concept. Still, when applied to masses on a commercial basis, it made banks the epitome of financial institutions. With the time technology developed, The world transitioned from landline to wearables, but one thing remained constant, the tedious process of applying for a loan. Hours-long waiting in line, The feeling of being at the mercy of someone else is this ever going to change, or we would have to accept just the way it is.


What is finnable?


Finnable is the app you have heard only in concept. But it is here now; after years of research and development, it is an instant loan app that provides you with an instant loan without taking you through that complex and tedious process you thought was never going to change. Finnable puts users first And helps you achieve your goals without worrying about any financial crisis.

Instant loans and their types

The instant loan app speaks for itself. All the hassle, the paperwork, the wasted time days-long wait for your loan to be approved is now a thing of the past. Instant loan is the industry standard now. Finnable provides instant loans of many types  like short-term personal loans, personal loans, top-up loans, loans against credit cards and loans against savings and insurance,

Paperless approval 

While applying for a personal loan through the instant loan app previously, you had to submit all the required paperwork‘s to the lender, which would then further take days to process the request, but in the case of instant loans on finnable, all the paperwork and documents will have to be uploaded online making the whole transaction paperless and also if you are a pre-approved customer you won’t be required to submit any documentation.

No collateral

One of the most amazing things that you can expect from finnable and so it delivers is that an instant personal loan is a type of unsecured loan; thus, you don’t need to submit any security or collateral for your approval instant loan.

Processing time and customisability

You will be amazed to know that processing time for an instant loan through the instant loan app is exponentially lesser than for regular loans. So in most cases, whenever you are in immediate need of funds, instant loans always live up to their name. Moreover, when it comes to customizability on Finnable, individuals can apply for a loan amount of their choice and needs, and you can even decide the tenure in which the loan is to be repaid.

Refreshing interest rates and many more to offer

Finnable offers you mind-blowing and affordable interest rates, which becomes more exciting if you have a good credit score; this helps you keep the overall cost of a loan low  All the other fees like processing fee and default penalty are again low or minimal. The repayment flexibility makes instant loans an instant hit. 

With almost anyone with a credit score of over 750 eligible for instant loans on Finnable, it makes them simple. So effective and versatile now, you don’t have to leash your dreams just because you don’t have a few extra guarantees.