Great Choices for Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, i.e. not the normal physical currency that we all know, but a currency that is produced, distributed and exchanged in a completely virtual way, through computers, using blockchain technology.

The technology that makes Bitcoin work, or blockchain, works in such a way as to have a digital management of money.

This means that Bitcoins are not produced by a centralized entity, like a central bank that produces and enters money into the market, but on the contrary these are created and stored within immense sharing databases (i.e. physically installed on multiple computers connected to the web ) which through cryptographic systems make it possible to create, distribute, track and carry out currency transactions. As you can buy bitcoin instantly with credit card there are certain options that you need to go for.

To keep Bitcoins you need a virtual wallet, which is provided with a public key and a private one. The public key is used to be shared and to allow a user to know where to deposit Bitcoin.Theprivate key, on the other hand, is used to make access to your portfolio possible, and to manage the transactions within it.

Where to buy Bitcoins directly

To buy Bitcoins directly you have various possibilities, such as that of using specific platforms called exchanges or also through the use of specific ATMs (not many in Italy), but in this case you will already have to have your own wallet to receive Bitcoins.

Among the most popular exchanges to buy Bitcoins there are certainly Coinbase , Changelly and lately also Binance , the most famous exchange for direct trading between cryptocurrencies.

Trading platforms where to use Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Trading

In fact, there are several online platforms that give the opportunity to trade online with Bitcoin directly or indirectly (through the use of CFDs).

Using Bitcoin directly you will trade and you will be in real possession of the currency, while in the case of indirect use you will only operate with the price of the virtual currency, therefore playing on the rise or fall of the latter.

For those who do not yet know it, eToro is one of the leaders in online trading , with millions of customers scattered all over the world, it has revolutionized the world of trading , and has managed to access all of the world’s economic markets with ease.

eToro is a pioneer of social trading , in fact a community has been created where traders from all over the world can communicate with each other, exchanging ideas, strategies and advice.

In fact, social trading is based on the idea that the knowledge of multiple people is better than the knowledge of a single person.The platform gives everyone the possibility of being able to operate in online trading , in fact thanks to its function, a trader can follow and copy another more experienced trader and his trading strategies, a function suitable for beginners or for those who do not have a full-time job.

The Platform offers a wide range of marketable goods, you can choose from commodities, indices, stocks, currency pairs and ETFs.The broker was also one of the first to give his clients the opportunity to negotiate with cryptocurrencies.