Group 500 Review – One-Stop Solution For All Traders

Group 500 Review

Traders look around to have a brokerage service that offers complete one-stop solutions for all their trading needs. Today, I will introduce Group 500 as a trading platform that has great trading services for traders. It is an inclusive platform that offers comfortable services with reliability and helps them grow in the financial markets. This Group 500 review will learn about all the necessary details a trader should know before investing with a trading platform. This platform provides outstanding services that set it apart from all the brokerages, even those that claim to be the best. 

Overview Of Group 500

Group 500 is a trading platform from Geneva, Switzerland. It provides services worldwide through its web-based platform and physically in four countries other than Switzerland. The names include Canada, England, Nigeria, and Newzealand. The platform assists traders in growing and trade-in world-leading financial markets. Using their platform, traders can trade in multiple products and enjoy the perks of using a platform designed on recent technology to serve people trading in the financial markets. 

Distinctive Characteristics of Group 500

  • Transparency

Group 500 is a reliable platform as it has an honest approach while dealing with its customers. If you are a registered member on their platform or not, you can read their terms and conditions and other working policies from their website. These policies allow users to predict what they will receive after joining this platform. These policies include a privacy policy, risk disclosure, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, and refund policy. 

A refund policy is an exclusive policy offered by Group 500 that allows traders to apply for a refund if they are not satisfied with the services or have any other reason. The company only applies a condition of Capital Leverage Policy if your account were leveraged with the Group 500’s capital. Once the refund is requested, Group 500 your account and membership are canceled.

  • Diversified Products

Group 500 does not limit the choices for traders. Rather it provides complete access to trade in the world’s leading financial markets by offering diversified products for trade. The company deals in forex trading, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, and commodities. Group 500 takes the lead in the stock market. It gives a chance to deal in stocks from technologically leading firms collectively known as FAANA (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Apple incorporation-formerly known as Google). 

  • Technologically Innovative Platform

If you are trading online, a comfortable, user-friendly interface is a must. Guess %00 is designed by technical experts who research and add features that enable traders to trade successfully. The web is based on MetaTrader 5 platform, which is well known for its services. Fast execution of commands, automated trading, access to analytical tools is among a few of the benefits this platform has to offer. The website also has an economic calendar, trading algorithms, and financial calculators. Furthermore, the website is designed as per the user’s preferences, and it adjusts well with the device’s screen size that you are using.

  • Investment Accounts

Group 500 has a good variety to offer when it comes to investment accounts. You can register for any account provided you deposit the minimum amount required for the purpose. Their basic account is the silver account which you can access by depositing 10000 only. It offers basic trading facilities. There is a collection of unique services and facilities in each account. Other investment accounts are Gold, Platinum, Signature, and VIP. The VIP account is only available on offer by the company for its loyal customers.

  • Customer Care Services

A trader often needs technical and professional support from its trading platform. Group 500 offers customer care services through a toll-free number, email address, and website’s live chat system. This service is available 24 hours a day throughout the week so that traders do not face any hurdles while trading. 


A trading platform must provide facilitation and support to traders. It must be eligible to feed the requirements of beginners as well as experts. Group 500 is a research-based, technologically innovative platform with various positive features that you can rely on for an amazing trading experience.