How to Be a Better HR Manager?

Telecommuting has remote workforce management software increased a lot in the past decade. It is also an appealing option for job seekers for several reasons. Telecommuters find flexible hours and spending quality family time more attractive. Companies are also looking for top-talents beyond the country, state, and city. This kind of shift means HR management needs to adjust to remote employees. To be a better HR manager there are several responsibilities to be adhered t


HR managers are liable for the hiring workforce. Improve your hiring process because finding the right talent is not limited to geographical boundaries. Enhanced communication tools empower people in a specific niche to work from across the country or state or city. There is no need for relocation.

As businesses small and large decide to include remote employees, HR managers find it challenging. The local recruitment includes face-to-face interviews, which is not feasible for hiring outside the country. There are several challenges HR managers experience while hiring remote employees.

Performance management

As the employee is not seen daily as they reside in remote locations managing them will need technology. Fortunately, today the advanced technology supports and allows the HR manager to build a relationship with the remote worker.

Proper management practice is needed to keep remote workers engaged. Timesheets or time tracking software can help a company monitor the productivity of the remote employee. HR needs to check regularly or schedule video meetings to ensure that they feel micromanaged and part of the organization.

Payroll management

The HR manager has to get familiar with the payroll regulations of the remote employee’s state. It is also necessary to ensure that the remote employee’s taxes are filed as per their state’s regulations.

Even if there are some challenges remote workers offer good investment options because you can draw a large talent pool. Besides, they are more productive, self-motivated and be more efficient than local in-house staff.