How to Import Resources, Goods or Services into the US?

The exporting or importing of goods or services have the potential to grow your business in the domestic market or in your home country market as well as in the international market. However, importing and exporting of goods and services are often not easy because of numerous customs clearance procedures as per the laws and regulation of the US customs and border protection or CPB which include several aspects such as collection, preparation and declaration of numerous data and information about your goods and services, classification of your products, valuation, and numerous customs duties and tariffs etc. Most importers and exporters normally engage professional and experienced customs brokerages who efficiently act as guide to importing to USA which eventually saves an enormous amount of time, energy and money of the importers and exporters.

Importing of goods, resources and services refer to resources or goods or services which are produced or manufactured in other countries and brought through the border of the US by individuals or for commercial purposes by the importers to sell in the US market. Not all but some important goods, resources and services need a license or customs permit in order to import through the customs in the US.

On the other hand, export refers to resources, intermediate goods or final products, or services which a foreign purchaser intend to take out to other countries from any manufacturer or vendor from the US through the border. Like the importation, not all goods or services, but some goods, resources and services need a license or a permit to export from the US to the international market or other countries.

Therefore, though for many goods and for some countries you may not need a license or a permit or other certification for importation, for specific products you eventually need license or permit or other certification for importation. In order to ensure for which products, you need  what type of license or permit or other certifications, check the guidelines from US customs and border protection through the website of the federal agency.

You can also get the detail information of importation from your local port of entry through which you will import your products. Even in the case, you do not need a license or permit or any other certification, you have to fill the CBP entry forms 15 days prior to the arrival of your goods at the US port of entry.

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