How To Pick The Right Diamond

It is quite hard to choose a diamond as there are quite a lot of factors one needs to consider before purchasing one. If you are planning to buy one then it is always advisable to pick a reputable vendor. The thing with reputable vendors is that they are very experienced and they will always provide you with the best possible product as they have a reputation to protect. Besides these, you can also expect the prices of diamonds to be quite low. But then again one should always have the knowledge of how to pick a Diamond.

Steps to Pick A Diamond:

Here are a few steps that you can follow to pick the right Diamond.


Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes and it’s all your choice about which one you want to pick. The most common type of shape is the round shape, people who are confused about what to go with, generally choose this shape. There are other shapes as well such as the cushion cut, which is quite unique on its own and along with that there is the oval shape as well. Apart from these there are quite a few other shapes too.


The second important factor of any Diamond is its colour. Diamonds are quite rare entity and among them, there are different colours that are very rare as well. For example, Pink Diamonds are very rare. These diamonds are produced by the famous Argyle mines of Australia. In an estimate it was revealed that 90% of the world Pink diamonds are Argyle mined diamonds. The Argyle mined diamonds come in different hues of the same colour.


Diamonds are generally measured as Carats. So, the weight of your diamond totally depends on your finance. Yes! What matter here is your finance? The reason is very simple actually, the more the weight of a Diamond, the more money you are required to pay. Generally, what people choose is around 0.95 to 1.08 carats. This would cost you quite less money in comparison to a over-the-top diamond.


This is another very important factor while investing the right diamond. There are diamonds that are super expensive but they come blemishes. So, you should choose a diamond that is eye clean and eye clean means that whenever you choose a diamond, it should appear to be clean through the naked eye. If it isn’t then it’s not worth investing in such diamonds.

Certificate and Expert Opinion:

Before you purchase a diamond make sure to check whether they are AGS certified diamonds or GIA certified diamonds or not. If they aren’t then it would be a good idea not to go for them. And also make sure that you get your choice reviewed by an expert. By doing that you will be more confident in the quality of the product that you are purchasing.

So, there are the steps that you need to consider before picking a diamond. We hope that the provided information would be of help to you.