Make Your Pockets Go Ka-Ching! With XTRGate

Over the past few years, trading in FDCs and cryptocurrency has proven to be an extremely interesting and lucrative investment venture for those looking to make some extra money or reinvest their funds. The best thing about investing in cryptocurrencies is that you can choose how exactly and how much you want to invest, and therefore ensure the safety of the funds that you invest. Several online platforms have been developed (including cryptocurrency brokerages and exchanges) but it is very important to select the right one for your trading activities. Unfortunately, due to the unregularized and legislated aspect of cryptocurrencies, there are also a lot of cryptocurrency scams and fraudulent brokerages on the internet today. However, there are also plenty of extremely useful, user-friendly and impressive brokerages for cryptocurrencies. XTRGate is one such brokerage that not only boasts of a friendly user interface but also an extremely safe platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

About XTRGate

XTRGate scam or legit? XTRgageis a legit online brokerage for trading cryptocurrencies. It was established in the year 2019. Despite being one of the new entrants in the area of cryptocurrency brokerages, it has become extremely popular in an incredibly short period considering the various features and tools the website has to offer.

Features and Review

  1. Wide trading options are available: This brokerage offers an extremely wide range of cryptocurrencies to the trader, offering 40 tradeable cryptocurrency pairs. You can trade common cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, as well as Ripple, Dash, and NEO.
  2. Great leverage and low spreads: When you are investing in any asset, you want the risk to be minimal and the gains to be maximum. For those starting with cryptocurrencies, it may seem obvious that the brokerage will charge a considerable cover or commission fee – however, this is not always the case. XTRGate’s commission is NIL! Since XTRGate charges spread, they do not charge any added commissions. The average trader will realize the advantage of this, as it lowers the amount spent on the transactions itself – i.e. the transaction costs fall, improving returns for the trader. Similarly, the website also offers an extremely low spread, including a 0 spread. Especially if you are someone just starting, this is extremely advantageous as you may not want to invest a lot of capital immediately. Cryptocurrency pairs on XTRGate have the leverage of even 1:@ or 1:5, and you even get leverage of 1:20. All of the spreads, commission, and leverages are delineated on the website, allowing you to choose the way you want to trade in an effective as well as an informed manner.
  3. Wide range of account options to select: Not every person who is going to be trading cryptocurrencies is likely to want to invest the same amount of funds. Some may want to invest a considerable amount of funds (and thereby gain significant account advantages) and some may want to invest a minimal amount – however, irrespective of what your trading goals are, XTRGate has you covered. Various account options are granted by this brokerage depending on the type of trading you wish to do. A good idea to choose between the accounts is to consider the quantum of trade you plan to undertake, and what features you wish to utilize. The main account options are the Basic Account, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While even the most basic account has access to all the requisite features such as customer support and investor education (apart from the obvious features), with an upgrade in each account, you gain access to specialized features. However, even the basic account option seems to work just fine.
  4. Robust security: The reason you are even investing in cryptocurrencies is to gain returns on your investments and make some money. Certainly, in such a scenario, an appalling outcome would be the risk of financial loss. However, with this brokerage, that is no longer a risk. XTRGate has a robust security infrastructure that ensures the financial security and safety of the traders on the platform. It uses an SSL level encryption ensuring that the financial and sensitive information of those using the brokerage remains well guarded. Further, it has a robust firewall and follows the requisite KYC norms, as well as AML (Anti-money laundering) norms to ensure that the traders can carry out their investments and trades peacefully. The brokerage also claims to test their security infrastructure periodically to ensure the safety of the trading platform and the financial information of the traders.

Overall, XTRGate is a decent, easy to use and ideal solution for those looking to trade in cryptocurrencies. It has several account options, as well as a decent security system. It also offers customer support and educational facilities for investors. The interface is simple, clear, and user friendly.

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