Throughout the years, the Earth has faced multiple of worldly problems. Starting from earthly calamities such as thunderstorms, earthquake, landslide, etcetera, to an epidemic that immediately transcended into a pandemic. Nevertheless, no matter how many dilemmas that has gone by, life must still go on for those who were able to survive.

And now, the people of the 21st century are currently facing another pandemic known as the Corona Virus Disease 2019. In which, numerous of people were already killed caused by this contagious and deadly disease. Where patients are experiencing respiratory disease that used to be just a normal sickness, but in the current time can be fatal.

However, although it might take a while for the health experts to discover an antibody that will treat patients who are infected by the virus, the lives of the other people continue. In spite of the social life outside our home being halted by the quarantine, with the modernization caused by the Internet and many other technologies, we still have the capability to continue socializing. 

This benefit has been taken advantage by several people, most especially those entrepreneurs who are handling enterprises and financial institutions. Yet, with their on-going operation and amidst the occurrences caused by the COVID virus, they are being required by the EU’s implementation of recordkeeping known as the Market in Financial Instruments Directive to also proceed with complying with the MiFID phone recording and WhatsApp call recording.

This is the power that humanity has, no matter where you are and what situation you are in, nothing can stop you when you are striving. 

To withheld this situation, the MiFID has amended some of their regulations for those who are under their implementation. For more updates regarding their 2020 lawsuit, read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage: