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The story of discovering PayWush

Rupa Braithwait is a professor at an Australian University. She has settled in a foreign country, investing in Zoom stock, and pursuing her career while her parents preferred to stay in their homeland, India. Things were going smoothly in Rupa’s life until one day she received a Watsapp from her brother. Mother has been hospitalized for heart failure. There was a requirement for immediate surgery and one had to deposit the money to the hospital within thirty-six hours. There was a need for an immediate transfer of eighty thousand INR. Rupa was mad.

 That day was Sunday and the banks were closed. A wire transfer or transfer from some money exchange platform will take days to transpire. She was at her wit’s end and became nervous. Thankfully Rupa disclosed the issue to a close friend and she advised to try The friend assured her that within twenty-four hours of account setting the money will be transferred. All that was required was to set two PayWush accounts –one on her mobile and one on her brother’s mobile. Rupa started immediately and within ten minutes she saw the money transferred to the PayWush account of her brother. The next day, the money was deposited at the hospital. A surgery in time saved their mother.

PayWush works from every part of the world

Yes ! with, money can be transferred to any part of the world though PayWush operates from India. Those who have used other money-exchange platforms must know that normally money transfer takes between three to five days to process. But with PayWush, speed and reliability can be counted upon. Send money with PayWush to feel the difference!

What are the other features of PayWush that are important?

PayWush is simple to use. After clicking on to the website one is automatically navigated to the getting started button where after filling some simple questions, the account is instantly set up. The platform does not even ask for a phone number. Only an e-mail id is sufficient to open an account. This is because the privacy and discretion of the user are given utmost importance.

The accounts are available on any computer as well as mobile devices. The technology has undergone many types of research to make it most user-friendly and simple for the users. The company keeps itself updated to keep pace with the newest technologies and work accordingly.

Safety and security of accounts is an issue in the money transfer platform. employs every means to make the money transaction secured. It makes all dealings secured through a highly sophisticated encryption process. The user can have a goodnight’s sleep being assured that the money he going to pay or receive will be secured and safe.

All these features have helped to gain customers both inside and outside India. No wonder the business of the platform is going to expand further in the future with giant leaps. The company is set on its journey to be one of the primary money exchange platforms.