Prevent Workplace Burnout With These Four Steps

It’s a word that most business owners and managers work hard to avoid. The overwhelming stress doesn’t just appear one day, leading to exhaustion and inability to focus on the job. Burnout is usually a slow process, where you see symptoms but push through them to achieve your goals. The best way to avoid burnout is to recognize that it can happen to you and structure your day around both your professional life and your personal life. Here are some ways to help you manage those goals.

Make Time for Family

Take a few moments to define how you want to be present for your family. If you want to be available to attend your children’s evening games, you must adjust your working hours to accommodate them. The CEO of 888, Howard Mittman, prioritizes his morning routine around getting his kids to school. By waking up earlier to work, he can manage both tasks.

Manage Your Inbox

Keep the clutter out of your inbox. All e-mail apps allow you to create folders to store items. If you have taken care of the e-mail, move it into the appropriate folder or delete it. Many people have thousands of messages in their inbox and no time to sort them into folders. The best solution is to create a folder with a recent date. Then, move all items in your inbox from that date and earlier into that folder. It no longer creates visual or mental clutter. From that point on, use your folder system to store completed messages. Use your search tool should you need to find the message in the future.

Stick to Your Plan

Use a central calendar for your personal events and business appointments. You can use an app or a paper planner – whatever works best for you. In addition to your calendar, have a system for keeping notes for those thoughts that pop up. Putting them in writing triggers your brain to release the idea from your active thoughts, as it is now an action item. The Eisenhower Matrix is an excellent aid to help assign priority to tasks.

Stay Healthy

If you haven’t seen a doctor in the past 12 months, make an appointment for a complete physical. Medical conditions, especially those aggravated by stress, are best treated when diagnosed early. In addition to your physical health, be sure to care for your mental health. Identify stress-relief techniques to build your self-care routine. Exercising and journaling are common self-care strategies. Many people find scented candles or white noise machines relaxing.

Recognize Stressors

Many people feel that workplace stress is normal, which to an extent, it is. However, if you begin to second-guess your value to the company or your capability to produce, it is time to meet with your mentor. They can help you identify those feelings to determine if your performance is actually being affected or if the stress is causing you to question your abilities.

You can develop a strong work-life balance and avoid the most common signs of workplace burnout. Take the time to implement these strategies to make you a more successful manager.