Should Your Employees Have a Say in the Relocation of Your Business

As a business owner, you will have to make many tough decisions. One decision which can have significant impacts on your business is the relocation of your business premises. You may want to find a commercial property across the road or in a different part of town. Regardless of your options, you should involve your employees in the decision-making process. Here are some reasons why:

  • It reduces the chances that employees will quit

Your workers will be greatly affected by an office relocation. Some of them may not be willing to leave their current residences because they have already made a life there. Others will simply feel overwhelmed by the change. Such factors could make your workers leave the company. All business owners understand that hiring new employees can be an expensive and challenging task, and that is not good for business.

You can reduce the chances of employees quitting by involving them in the office relocation process. You should keep them up to date with all the progress made in the move. It is also important to get their input on the new office layouts since they spend a good portion of their week on the premises. You can encourage them to offer suggestions which can make the move easier on them (https://www.proplist.com/)

If you engage them properly and give them everything they need in the transitionary period, they are unlikely to leave your business.

  • It will make the employees feel valued

If you simply announce that you are moving to new commercial properties, your employees will feel sidelines and undervalued. It sends a message that you don’t care about their comfort or their issues. The problem here is that they will usually work the bare minimum and will be ready to jump ship when they get a chance.

You should engage your employees in the decision-making process since that would make them more productive in the business. They will be more committed to ensuring the success of your business.

  • It will make employees feel responsible for the outcome

If you involve your employees in the decision-making process, they will not automatically blame the management when things seem to go wrong. They will feel responsible since they were part of the relocation plans. The advantage here is that everyone will do everything they can to fix any arising issues. This will lead to increased productivity in the business.

How to Engage with Your Employees

There are several ways of getting your employees’ suggestions regarding the relocation of your business. You should note that many employees will not willingly give you their opinions- you have to actively seek it. Here are some methods of getting their suggestions:

· Using suggestion boxes

You can set up a physical suggestion box where employees will be able to drop their opinions. Another alternative would be to create a designated email for the relocation issue. You can respond to these suggestions in meetings.

  • Employee surveys

The advantage of employee surveys is that they will give you the chance to identify common issues among your employees. It can also help you determine how you can make the move easier on them.


Moving to new commercial properties is not a small change, and it is bound to affect your employees significantly. You can use this opportunity to engage your employees. By communicating with them, you will increase their sense of importance, and they will eventually become more productive. They will also be motivated to stay in your business for the long-term. You can gather their view and suggestions using surveys, emails, and suggestion boxes.

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