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To fill the gap between the exchange market and cryptocurrency trading, the has come into play. is an exchange firm. It is one kind of a crypto exchange platform and also a tokenized securities exchange. Tokenized securities can be plainly described as the non-crypto assets which have been turned into cryptos. These brokers are known for the tokenized securities platform which is award-winning. And their main objective is to make the complicated trading look very simple, quick and easy. One of the exceptional things which the broker is providing is that the cryptocurrencies and the fiat currencies both can be traded at the same time.

Regulated Authority –

These brokers are regulated by the HTP i.e. Hi-Tech Park of Belarus and it is being stringently scrutinized by the blockchain technological legal authority. It would imply that the HTP protects the investments of its customers and also their rights. Some of its security features are somewhat like this – the customer will be provided with the complete right to their account. And no other person can use your account. And due to this factor, they have included the two method authentication for all their trading platforms. It includes actions performed using API keys, funding and trading, logging.

Security Features –

It is an attempt made by them to protect the crypto investments of their customers. Plus additional security is also provided to the customers in the form of different two method authentication known as the master key. This is provided to them in case if they lose their access to their trading accounts. Safety is the utmost concern of these brokers. Another security feature which they have is the verification and email encryption including global encryption of the highest level. It will protect all the customers’ data and assets and the email encryption will help in uploading the documents in a more secure way.

Plus, the company has a limited number of coins which it stores in the semi-cold wallets which are encrypted machines which are protected and locked. And in exception comes the coins which are in liquid use. Each and every wallet is encrypted secure and reliable. The company also provides an AML and KYC compliance to its customers. Big Four accountancy firm audits the company and its activities every once a year. There is also an encryption on all the communications by using the HTTPS. For the processing of the data, the company uses an approval protocol which is highly personal and stringent.

Deposits & Withdrawals –

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, there are many brokers which take 2-3 business days of time for offering their customer with the withdrawals. But this is not the case with the brokers as they honor your request for withdrawals and try to make it done within the same day. This is one of the best parts about them, besides, their hi-tech security features which they offer. The customers can easily and freely send their withdrawals to their bank accounts or wallets of cryptocurrency.

And when it comes to depositing the funds in the trading accounts, they can use the option of bank transfer for which they will not have to pay any commission. They can also use their credit card for the same. Every withdrawal and deposit and crypto payment needs to be verified and confirmed. On the number of your deposits, the number of confirmation is mostly dependent. If the deposit amount is greater than the specified amount which is minimum, then only the crypto fund will be reflected in your trading account. Deposits can be made through Master Card and Visa Card also.

Customer Care Team –

Customer care is another important factor that many traders take into consideration when they choose the brokers to trade with. No trader would like to join with any broker whose customer service is poor. Many times traders have many different kinds of queries and doubts and confusion, to sort out that they will most likely choose to talk to the customer care. So, customer care has to a reliable one and a good one. And luckily, exchange provides a vigorous, reciprocal, and secure customer support system. Customer care will always listen to your doubts and with the help of their channel like – WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail, phone, Viber, live chat response you appropriately.

Concluding Words –

Trading platform and design, Leverage trading, tokenized trading, globalized acceptance and regulations, trading prices, demo account, refer and earn program, are some of the unique features of the Now, that you know about the and its regulations and the key security features, you can safely trade with them. In the global market they are one of the most trusted brokers, having a high level of security features in their trading, which assures every trader that their data is secured, so are their funds and they can trade with peace of mind.