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After registration, your account with Skrill account verification is necessary to activate your account. This step is absolutely essential for the seamless function of your account, and it avoids unnecessary glitches in the future. This procedure may seem imprudent, but is indispensable to check the identity of the account holder and the account is legitimate. Before this crucial process of verification, you need to transfer some funds to your Skrill account. You can choose from an array of payment method which is displayed below the “Deposit” button. You can use one or many options for funding of your account, selecting from the following ones:

  • Manual bank transfer
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
  • Paysafecard
  • Fast bank transfer
  • BOKU
  • Nordea Solo
  • Paysafecash

Verification process

Mobile app

Once you have transferred the money to your account, you must initiate the verification process. Go to settings then to verification, once you click Verify Now, you will redirect to verify your account webpage. You have to follow the instruction for skrill account verification. You will find the Skrill app in Google play store or in the App Store from where you can download it in your mobile device. The process is expedient and easy as Skrill mobile app is safe and easy to steer. Once you have installed the app in your mobile scan one of the following ID documents;

  • Both side of the Driving License
  • Photo page of your passport (where your name, date of birth, passport number and expiration date are displayed)
  • Both sides of your national ID card

Besides these, you need address verification and a selfie, holding a handwritten note. 

Through Facebook

You can verify your Skrill account through your Facebook profile, which is very seamless and fast. In this process, it is not mandated to provide address verification and account possession, which expedite the process. After going through Verify your Details, click the Verify with Facebook button. This will lead you to the sign-in page of Facebook, requesting a login session. Once you are logged in, you will be asked for your permission to share details with Skrill; pressing the continue button implies you expressively give your consent. After pressing the continue button, the process will be completed within a few seconds. The information like; name, date of birth, address on social media should match with the information you furnished in your Skrill account.

Through Webcam

If you have a webcam attached to your personal desktop, then you take a snap of both sides of your valid ID and send it for skrill account verification. With this document, you need to take a selfie with a handwritten note and upload it for account verification. If you do not possess a webcam, then use a mobile verification procedure. Select the country of your residence and from where your ID was issued. If the document which you are providing was issued by a different country, then state it, which will facilitate the verification process.