The Funded Trader Program by Audacity Capital the best forex funding program.

As an online trader or investor, you might be curious about the best forex funded trading program, as various companies mainly dominate the industry. Discover the best trade option for a forex trader job with Audacity Capital, which will help you realize your full trading potential to achieve satisfaction.

Compared with competition, the Audacity capital’s forex funding program has the following benefits, which will leave any trader making the best decision.

You Enjoy less Investment and more Benefits

If you are a trader, whether a beginner or an expert, you will enjoy trading on the exchange market without losing your capital. The company has an excellent reputation for funding and backing up its traders to help them become successful, they are based in the City of London , they are one of the largest prop trading firm in the City.

When you join the Audacity Capital program, you receive a fully-funded trading program with a 50%-50% profit share and a 15% drawdown, you get your account doubled every specific target, The deal is incomparable if you compare it with other firms, where one gets a profit share of 70 %-30%, with a high spread and high commission. When you are a funded trader at Audacity capital, they have a very tight spread without commission, and they pay out the same day.

As a trader, you get a chance to trade using large amounts of money, and any time you show positive results in your trade, the company doubles your trading account when you hit the 10% target.

The benefit of becoming a funded trader is that you are not liable to any losses, and you get a chance to institutional-grade software used by professional traders.

You will become a Professional Trader

Besides becoming funded trader, you will also be part of an exclusive network through Audacity capital. You have an excellent opportunity to learn the art of perfect trading from other highly profitable traders. When you join the program, you become a part of great success; Audacity Capital trades on major asset classes with their capital and doesn’t handle any client’s funds.

Unlike competition that takes you through assessments on demo accounts at a fee, at Audacity Capital you start trading from day one with real money. If you get approved, no time wasted.

The trader funded program aims at funding and backing successful traders, and is beneficial for aspiring traders who look forward to exploring their trading potentials and experienced traders who want to move to the next level.

The Program Fully Invests in Talented People

At Audacity Capital, they appreciate the role of diversity during forex funding; they welcome traders from all walks of life to enrich trading performance through a mix of background experiences and different points of view.

Audacity fully invests in people, and the funding program is open to any talented individual seeking to enhance their trading performance. You will enjoy an equal opportunity regardless of your background.


The innovative approach to training, patent support through long term relationships, the guaranteed funded trading account, and the robust technology, among others, make Audacity capital the best forex funded trading program in the world.

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