The Ideal Financing Platform- Capital Match Singapore

Capital match Singapore provides peer to peer financing platform for SMEs (Small to Medium enterprise) in South East Asia. Working capital is the lifeline of any business of any stature, and this financing company provides that finance at an affordable interest rate. They have carter an online platform where you can find a professional investor from anywhere in the world to meet your financial demand. For a better financial world and efficient working of a business, affordable and trouble-free finance is necessary. The motto of this company is to make your business grow and flourish. You can entrée this debt finance market and comply with your capital requirement, and companies providing the finance to ensure a fixed income.

Benefits Both 

This company creates an alternative debt market apart from banks and NBFCs, from where you can borrow or lend money. If you need working capital, you can get the required amount at an affordable rate. This platform provides a secure and attractive lending opportunity to a professional investor. These loans are generally short term and of moderate amount, where capital protection and credit risk is amply insured. It is a novel way of digitalizing the finance market of debt.


This online platform of debt financing meets the financial needs of SMEs at an affordable rate, operating in the region of Hong Kong and Singapore. This platform creates an integrated procedure to match the supply and demand of chain financing at a lower cost. An excellent credit rating of large corporate leverages the risk and substantially lowers the cost of finance. Customer service and satisfaction is of paramount priority and focus of this company. They are constantly thriving to improve and Introducing new and innovative technologies to give better service to customers. This digitalization process is in aligning with Government compliance to promote e-commerce and convenience.

Enterprising moves

The Early Payment System (EPS) is an innovative move to reach out to the large lender community. Minimal documents are required for a lender, and the process of financial transactions is effortless, smooth, and easy. The process of registration in this online platform is simplified to a great extent. Once all the formalities are fulfilled, your fund gets immediately transferred to the borrowers’ account. The financing process is easy and quick, beneficial to both borrowers and lenders. This process is hassle-free and gives you great user experience. It is a low cost and efficient financial solution with adequate risk coverage and capital preservation measures.

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