The Many Ways Pinnacle Lending Is Transforming Financial Lives


It is always great when a successful organization gives back to its community. Giving back is particularly important in light of the fact that many corporate organizations are not seen as giving back enough. Add to that the fact that Pinnacle Lending is giving back in an area where so many people struggle – personal financing – and you have an absolute winner. Below, we take a closer look at just what the organization offers to those it serves.

About Pinnacle Lending

As intimated above, Pinnacle Lending is a personal financing organization where the ultimate reward is the client’s success story. Of course, everyone is different and will have different financial circumstances. Consequently, everyone will need a different plan to help get and keep their financial house in order. This is where Pinnacle Lending proves to be particularly beneficial.

Fiercely client-focused, Pinnacle ensures that every client they serve has the best possible financial plan – irrespective of how much they make or even how much in debt they may or may not be. Plans are built with a client’s current situation as well as their short, medium, and long term goals in mind. After all, for the best possible financial standing, clients will need a plan that will work both for now and as they move forward. Education and discipline alike are prioritized. 

How It Works: Taking A Closer Look At The Process

At the heart of efficiency is a process that works and can be engaged and maximized quickly. As such, in addition to ensuring they provide quality content for each client, Pinnacle Lending also ensures that the process is a very smooth and straightforward one. This way, clients know where they stand every step of the way and can make decisions with the full knowledge that they are in control of what happens next. 

At Pinnacle, the process begins for each client with a consultation. This one-on-one consultation helps serve as a diagnostic to assess exactly where the clients are and how they can best be served. Importantly, this first consultation is also the step within the process where clients are able to become familiar with the loan and financing options available to best suit their needs. 

Once the consultation is complete and a loan option is settled on, clients can then begin the quick and easy loan application process. It literally takes only a few minutes to apply, and the time between application and loan approval is as short as two hours or less. Of course, getting the loan is one thing, but repayments are quite another.

One of the really great features of the loan application and approval process at Pinnacle Lending is the flexible and affordable repayment plan that accompanies a given loan. It is very important to the team at Pinnacle that clients are able to comfortably manage their loan payments without having to completely overhaul their life or struggle financially. As such, monthly repayment amounts and terms (like how long it will take to repay) are set with the client’s income and expenditure figures in mind. Importantly, interest rates are also very affordable, being as low as 5.99%.

Data Security in an Age of Identity Theft

As if they are not already providing their clients and the community they serve with a lot of financial benefits, Pinnacle Lending also goes the extra mile to take precautions to protect their client’s information. So not only is Pinnacle helping to set their clients’ financial lives at ease, but they are also safeguarding them from identity theft. In today’s digital age this is critical. Pinnacle does this through a strict encryption system that is virtually impenetrable to ensure their clients stay safe as they build their financial lives.

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