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The foundation of every successful business endeavour lies in the hard work of every team within. There is no denying that the workforce and strategies can push the company towards its goal. However, one disaster and a mistake can wipe out all the efforts and profits to dust. Many companies fall down without D&O insurance and lawyers because they fail to protect themselves against the incurred cost and burden of a lawsuit. So, to avoid such an instance, you need to ensure your business.

So, if you’re still asking yourself why business insurance matters, there’s a long answer for that one. If one would avoid mishaps and mismanagement within the business, does that render insurance an option? Do small businesses still need to invest in insurance? Whether a startup enterprise, a long-time or a large corporation, insurance becomes vital for long-term business sustainability and protection.

Reasons That Justify The Importance & Significance Of Insurance To Your Business

Knowing more about insurance, whether you’re thinking about getting corporate health insurance or cyber insurance in Singapore, is a must. Business owners should understand that investing in insurance means investing in long-term protection for your business. Here’s why every business should consider getting insurance:

It provides protection coverage to your employees

Your employees are among the most valuable assets your business can have, no matter how big or small your enterprise is. Therefore they are among the top priority on your list by providing the necessities to ensure that they are secure. Many don’t realise that ensuring that your workforce is safeguarded can also boost your company’s attractiveness.

Getting liability or corporate health insurance in Singapore will guarantee that your employee’s health expenses are covered for most business enterprises. Remember investing in it is also an attractive job perk to keep employees coming should you require one in the future.

Covers protection against natural disasters

Even if we don’t like it, natural disasters can be out of our control. No matter how large or ‘small’ your business is, there’s no exemption when it comes to it. Some circumstances would also need you to have a financial backup for replacements or costly repairs. We all know how disasters can wreak havoc on our business’s physical location. Some even consider getting property or cyber insurance to prepare them should valuable information got’ stolen or destroyed.

Regardless of what type of natural disaster may knock at your enterprise’s door, getting the right insurance is the way to prepare, especially if it’s a small business.

To remain legally compliant

According to Singapore’s Work Injury Compensation Act, all local employers ‘will need to purchase insurance for engaged in manual or non-manual work.

According to the policy, local firms have to legally comply with acquiring insurance coverage for both local and foreign employees. It’s one way of complying with the national law, and if you choose not to invest, you are likely to face legal issues along the way. Getting corporate health insurance or making CPF contributions for employees are a must for employers.

Covers legal defence

Should the circumstance arrive where you need to defend your company against a lawsuit, insurance like D&O insurance can provide financial protection against a personal asset of officers or corporate directors. Let’s face it, there are no perfect corporate managers, and it’s often unavoidable that there will be mishandling along the way. Reducing the risk and minimising the impact is one way to prepare the management against a lawsuit.

Investing in b&o insurance can also provide legal cost and liability coverage and ensure bankruptcy won’t occur. It’s an option that your company should consider whenever the financial condition is sufficient enough to acquire one.

Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Buying An Business Insurance


There are so many things to give attention to when running and managing a business. Even if it’s a startup, insurance can go a long way to ensure that your business remains protected and covered in the long run.

While getting corporate health insurance and property insurance is necessary for safeguarding your business, it’s to fall prey to overspending and making a number of mistakes that will cost you a lot. Here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when buying a business investment:

Not reading the policy

It’s a huge mistake for many employers to skip the policy part. All insurance policies (be it a general liability or cyber insurance) covers all the necessary information you need. It really does take time to read through the entire policy. However, skimming or skipping on it will get you into surprising problems you’ll later deal with.

Going with the cheapest policy

It’s never a smart move in business to settle with the cheapest policy with monthly premiums. While it’s understandable that saving money is a priority, you should never cut down the investment amount you need when choosing a policy. It can backfire on you with caveats, such as not having enough coverage solutions. Even if you’re pushing for health or cyber insurance, note that you will need to set a budget.

Not adjusting your insurance while your business grows

Insurances aren’t one-time purchases and one-time visits. When your business is experiencing growth and expansion, you should always consider revisiting. It is crucial since your insurance should reflect changes your firm has gone through in the last couple of years.

As a responsible employer, you must update your insurance agent and be open to any opportunity where your policies are required to change.

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