Things to Consider Before Choosing a Payment Gateway for Your Mobile App

It is expected that in the time to come more than fifty percent of the internet traffic would come from mobile devices. Thus, it is not surprising that many businesses are making their business mobile-friendly and developing mobile apps to do so.

Businesses not only engage with customers through the mobile medium but are also integrating payment gateway to their mobile apps to ensure that the customers have the option to buy through the app. It provides customers with the flexibility to make a purchase whenever they want and from anywhere, which seems to be the norm of the day.

For businesses trying to integrate payment gateway to their app, there are several considerations they need to factor in such as –

User Interface

The user interface should be fluid and optimized, including the payment page and the bank page. It should not cause any friction with the customers’ experience or cause them to stop midway or have any doubts. Also, the focus should be to make the checkout process as short and simple as possible.

Ease of Integration

The developers/owners of the apps must keep in mind when integrating payment gateway is that it should be optimized and light. The integration process should be easy and must not take up too much space in the mobile device else the app would be deleted. Performing flawlessly in the least amount of space is what one should aim for.

Customer Support

The payment gateway that is integrated with the aim must have good customer support. It is one of the most important things to factor in as it is where the merchants would turn to in case the payment gateway is not performing well or gets bugged for some reason. There should be active support through call, chat, e-mail, etc. for the merchant to reach out whenever they want or to get any issue resolved.

Payment Receipts

The payment gateway in question must be able to send a payment receipt to the customer right away as the payment is made. The best way would be using e-invoicing. It would help in increasing customers’ trust and improve the brand value as well. It also helps in brand marketing as well as customer engagement.

These are the few things you need to consider when choosing a payment gateway for your mobile app. While there are many other factors, these are the few prime factors that you cannot skip to achieve what you are looking for with payment gateway integration.

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