TigersFM Review – Traders Getting the Attention They Need

When you sign up on a trading platform but you have never traded before, things can start to become complicated after some time. As soon as you are through the signup process, you realize that the world of trading is not as easy as people claimed it to be. The problem here is the platform you choose to sign up with. If you go for the right option, you will find out that trading is a breeze, especially when you get ample chance to learn it. My TigersFM review is going to be focused on how this broker pays its traders the attention they deserve. So, let’s start. 

A Welcome Bonus for Everyone

I don’t want to claim through this TigersFM review that getting a bonus when you sign up is the most important thing for your trading career, but I do want to mention that it’s a great perk for newcomers. When you join a platform for the first time, you are already struggling with the idea of losing money that you have earned with so much hard work. A little help from the broker you choose can’t hurt you. I think most online brokers don’t realize this particular point but TigersFM is on-point with this one. It has offered some great welcome bonuses to its traders regardless of the account they pick. 

For example, if you pick the Classic account, which is the most basic account from this company, you will still get a generous 50% bonus on your deposit. Move on to the Silver account and the bonus increases to 60% of the deposit. It keeps getting better until you reach the Prime account from the broker, which is the most advanced type of account. With this account, you will be able to get a 100% bonus on your deposit when you join for the first time. 

Educational and Managed Sessions 

When you start out, you need a lot of help with your trades. It’s your learning period and you should focus more on learning than experimenting with your hard-earned cash. Once again, TigersFM stands up to the task and provides you with a system where you can get the confidence you need right from the beginning. The broker provides you with two types of sessions. Firstly, you have the managed sessions, which means an expert from the company will manage your trading portfolio on your behalf at a particular point in time. If you go with the Silver account, for instance, you will have this 1 managed session per week. 

Signing up with the Gold account can earn you up to 3 sessions wherein someone else would manage your trades to help you capture the best opportunities in the market according to your trading preferences. In addition to that, you can also qualify for one-on-one training sessions. These sessions are great for you to gain a lot of knowledge about trading by listening to and interacting with a trading expert. 

Dedicated Account Managers

You will get a dedicated account manager when you sign up with TigersFM with a particular account. It is true that you don’t have a dedicated account manager if you go with the Classic account, but you don’t need one at that stage. You should be focusing on learning how to trade at that stage and you have plenty of features to accommodate those needs when you sign up with the Classic account. However, as soon as you move on to the gold account with a minimum deposit of $25,001, you will have a dedicated account manager to help you with all account-related issues. 

Final Thoughts 

I have tried my best not to be derailed from the topic that I chose. I reviewed TigersFM based on how much attention it gives its traders and I think I have only talked about features that prove that. I urge you to visit the website of this broker to know more about it and its services so you can make a well-informed trading decision.