Top Best-Performing tech Stocks to Watch in 2019

In the stock market, the tech sector offers some of the most dynamic and profitable stocks for investors. Tech stocks always make the headlines when they move. And 2019 has been an eventful year for these stocks so far, to say the least.

So here, we list down the most promising and best-performing stocks in the tech sector. Watch out for these stocks before 2019 ends and follow them through 2018. Inc

The Amazon stock is a member of the FAANG group of stocks, which are the most profitable stocks right now in the tech sector.

It started off as an online marketplace for books. Fast forward to many years, it’s now one of most the consistently profitable tech companies in the world.

As of 2019, the company is venturing into different businesses. One of the most successful arms is its AWS cloud-computing service. This is definitely a worthy tech stock to buy.

Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is popular for its smartphone brand, the iPhone. The company has achieved various milestone in its history ever since Steve Jobs introduced it the world.

Apple is also the first public company to reach a trillion-dollar valuation—two times. Thanks to its range of product and continuously improving iPhone lines, the Apple stock takes a great position in the sector.

Investors ought to keep close tabs on this stock not only because of its strong consumer base. The company also takes care of its investors through buybacks and dividends.

Facebook Inc

One may think that this social networking giant has been having a rough couple of years. Be that as it may, Facebook still ranks among the best tech stocks to buy today.

Facebook has already fixed some of the issues it’s been facing with the government and regulatory authorities.  It has even ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies by introducing the world to Facebook Libra, its very own cryptocurrency gig.

With its apparently tireless CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the markets can expect the company to stay among the best in the stock market.


For those who believe that higher risks lead to higher rewards, StoneCo may just be the most fitting stock.

Although it’s not very popular among US investors, this Brazilian fintech had its initial public offering in 2018 and has since grown rapidly.

Although IPO prices tend to be overhype, this stock appears to still be underpriced. In 2019, it saw its revenue jump 57% during the year’s second quarter.

Alibaba Group Holding

This Chinese company holds its own against huge Silicon Valley competitors. It’s among China’s top tech companies, and its shares still perform solidly this year.

It started the year on its backfoot after falling 30% from recent peaks because of the US-China trade war. However, it got back and went on beating the market.

It’s quite rare to see companies like Alibaba to grow at such as rapid rate. In the second quarter of the year, the company’s revenue soared 42% while earnings per share climbed 56%.