Troubleshooting Tops ForWiFi Connection But No Internet

It is so much stress to figure out the situation that your device is completely connected with the WiFi internet, but you are not able to get internet access on your device. Why is it happening? How can you solve this issue? Well, there is no such specific reason for not having an internet connection because the real problem always lies in the operating system functioning.

The issue with Router Setup

If at some point of time the internet service is not working on all devices, then it might be possible that your router or the modem device is having some issue which you need to fix up instantly. You also need to look at the ADSL cable service as well to make sure that it is not broken or twisted at all.

If the internet issue is happening on one device and the rest of the devices are working correctly with internet access, then there might be a problem in your WiFi adapter device. This is probably because the device is not able to set a proper communication channel with your router device.

Restarting All Devices for WiFi Connection Check

One of the most common solutions which most people probably prefer to do is restarting all the devices. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not show any specific results. Rebooting of the devices will refresh the IP addresses of your adapter and will be reloading all your configuration files. This is one of the most common solutions to try right now. You can make it happen by turning off your router as well as model. Before you start them all over again, you have to wait for a maximum 30 seconds. As you are done, try to connect the internet again as a recheck.

Investigating Modem Lights to Check WiFi Connection

Look at your model might WiFi connection. It might be possible that your internet connection is not working correctly apart from the devices. If you want to confirm it, you should be checking the internet modem lights first that is positioned on your router device. This is one of the most common solutions to try right now. Just make sure that they are working in the right manner. Plus, you should also make sure that no other lights are blinking on the router at all.

In some of the conditions calling the ISP is another basic solution which we will be recommending you most often. ISP is about the internet service provider access who will make sure that your internet is working accurately at all devices. They will usually let you know some basic rules to take care of your devices against internet connection issues.


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