What are the different custom shipping box options?

Custom Printed Boxes for Your Business in Chicago

While expanding your e-commerce business, one highly important factor supporting your expansion in the marketplace is the quality of packing & shipping services you offer. And the boxes that you use for the purpose play the key role in providing high-quality services.

Custom Shipping Boxes are packaging materials, with your business logo and advertisements printed on them. Thus, these product cartons not only help you in delivering the desired item to the customers safely with complete privacy, but also act as a great advertisement strategy by spreading the name and logo of your business to the public.

For this reason, the demand for custom shipping boxes is widespread and versatile, and thus, you will see a variety of custom shipping boxes around you.

So, here’s the list of the three broad and most common custom shipping boxes available for your business expansion.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are also known as Folding Boxes and are one of the most common shipping boxes used by online retail stores. The general purpose of these lightweight and affordable boxes is to secure groceries and packed food until delivery.

These are single piece cartons and comprise of extended origami lids for greater security of the products.

However, due to the hard paper construct, these boxes are not that rigid and can’t withstand heavier blows.

There are a wide variety of structures of paperboard boxes available in the market. Customizing them with logo and prints is easy and pocket-friendly.

Telescope Containers

These are long and thin boxes used to keep lengthy household items.

Regular Containers

These are standard cuboidal boxes used for keeping a variety of large/small products.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are two-piece boxes that you would have often seen in garment shops and markets. These are strong, non-foldable, and easy to open & close.

These heavy and sturdy boxes are basically of two types on the basis of the nature of the surface.


Glossy rigid boxes as the name suggests have a glossy texture and have a higher cost of the print.


Standard Rigid boxes have a normal paper-like texture with lower print cost demands.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most common shipping boxes with extremely low cost and high rigidity. These are cardboard made boxes available in a vast variety of shapes.

Regular Slotted Box

Standard large boxes for any shape/size of the product.

Full Overlap Box

Thin planar boxes with a plate-like shape for flat products.

Full-Telescope Box

Long pipe-like box for lengthwise larger products.

One-Piece Folders

Flat boxes especially for books.

Panel Box

Two-piece box with a hinge.

Lockable Box

Tray-shaped containers with a locking cover for extra safety.

And many more…

Final Words

So these were some of the most commonly used Custom Shipping Boxes for quicker business enhancement. We hope you could find this information helpful.