What does critical illness insurance have for high blood pressure patients?


When it comes to critical care insurance and its importance, it may vary from individual to individual depending on the disease they have. For those with high blood pressure, Critical Illness Cover can offer the standard terms of a life insurance provided their condition is well controlled and there is no other significant health conditions to report.

When it comes to critical care insurance, its underwriting is far stricter than a life insurance. Depending on the severity of the disease, the policy prices may vary. At times, when the insurance company comes across investors who are diagnosed with sever diseases, then they can decline the cover too. However, if you have a controlled high blood pressure then the insurer will not have any problem to offer you the cover.  

In this article we will take a look at how critical care insurance helps those who have illnesses such as high blood pressure.

Before we move into the details of the critical care insurance and its importance, let’s take a look at the types of high blood pressure:

If the high blood pressure or hypertension is not an outcome of any particular medical condition or disease. Such hypertension is known as primary hypertension. However, if the hypertension is caused due to other diseases, then it is known as secondary hypertension. 

  • Primary hypertension:

In this form, the blood plasma volume and hormones regulating the blood volume and pressure are affected. Generally, lack of physical activity gives rise to this kind of blood pressure.

  • Secondary hypertension:

This type of blood pressure arises as a result of other medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, etc. 

The critical care insurance importance for a high blood pressure patient:

  • Helps with the medical bills:

Given the rising cost of medical treatments it can get pretty difficult to receive proper care and medical assistance for most. A critical care insurance helps you pay the bills and ensures that you receive a proper treatment for your disease. This is done with the accumulated monthly premiums that you pay for this insurance

  • Helps with the hospitals:

The critical care insurance has tie-ups with hospitals which offer best the treatment for your specified illness. You can approach these hospitals during the term of your insurance. 

  • Financial cover:

This insurance has got your back for all things that are related to your medical fitness. Pre-hospitalization, hospitalization, and post-hospitalization, all bills are covered in this insurance. However, some critical care insurances may also have additional benefits; hence, it is advised that you read your insurance terms carefully before signing up for one. 

If you start investing in this insurance early, you get an added advantage of time and lower premiums.