What is a Good Settlement Offer?

What is a good settlement offer? Many people do not understand the requirements to qualify for a good settlement offer from an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters will review your claim and review your insurance policy. To make sure you get a good settlement, take a few minutes to read the following suggestions or you can hire the #1 Ontario Public Adjusting Firm, This will save you a lot of stress. Anyhow, let’s proceed to steps you can take.

Step One

Write down your initial offer with your personal information on a pad of paper. Review the initial offer with your attorney. The adjuster may offer you a lower settlement offer based on your attorney’s assessment of your case. If so, ask your attorney to review the initial offer with your attorney to ensure that this is not the best case for you.

Step Two

With your attorney present during the settlement negotiations, carefully go over the initial offer. Ask your attorney what is needed in order to file the complaint against the insurer. You may need to change your deductibles or payment amounts. If you decide to pursue the complaint, your attorney will give you details about how to do so in your Complaint. Your attorney will also provide advice if you are denied a settlement offer by the adjuster.

Step Three

Review the paperwork with your insurance adjuster and determine whether you think the offer is a good one for you. Often, if you do your homework, you can negotiate a low settlement offer without having to pay out too much. In fact, many cases result in small claims which result in nothing more than a loss of future pay. Your experienced attorney will be able to help you weigh these options and choose the best course of action for you.

Step Four

Negotiate to find out what kind of medical bills you will be responsible for. These bills can run into the thousands of dollars and can significantly reduce your income. Because of this, you want to make sure that the insurer agrees to pay at least a portion of these medical bills. Even if the amount is not very much, if the settlement offer does not cover your medical bills, you may end up losing a lot of money. Your attorney will be able to help you decide if you should pursue the case or if you should simply accept the offer your insurance company makes.

Step Five 

Once your attorney reviews the terms of the offer presented to you by the insurance adjuster, it is time to contact your at-fault party. You can expect the at-fault party to agree to pay a percentage of your future payouts. Your attorney can assist you in drafting an appropriate offer so that you get as much as possible. However, it may be necessary for you to have a third party present when you present your offer. Your car accident injury attorney can provide advice about whether or not your at-fault party should agree to the offer.

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