What is a split payment gateway and how does it work?

What are split payments?

Split payments are a method of splitting the payment among individuals to avail a service or product. This, therefore, involves multiple payment sources linked to a single transaction. Split payments are a great way of spending within cost limits for a customer plus it also provides greater serviceability for the customers.

Split payment gateway

Though split payments sound simple in an industry operating with a large number of clients, allowing the feature of split payments can be a complicated tool to manage. This is where the need for a split payment gateway arises.  

The market offers several different split payment gateways that can automatically split payments with vendors after every sale, send income to individual accounts or manage the money flow, and a lot more. The gateways take all the complexities of manually breaking up the payments and calculation of taxes and automatically generate the payment shares based on the clients’ preselected split ratios. In some cases, the split payment gateway sends emails and payment notifications to its users for the completion of outstanding sums in time to achieve better service.

The applications are also capable of registering all the online and offline transactions of a company and check the monetary status of the transaction and settle it fast. These gateways allow companies to track remotely the payment status of their different transactions and calculate all the necessary taxes and payouts.

How does it work?

Split payment gateway is really essential for online businesses that deal a lot of customer transactions. These payment applications inculcate automation to simplify a lot of tasks that are hard to do manually. The owners of such gateway applications provide APIs that can be easily integrated with the existing payment structures of the companies. These APIs contain all the functions necessary for best performance.

Whenever a customer places an order for a product or service, the split payment gateway computes the vendor commission automatically and all the other shares. The amount is transferred automatically via the gateway to these different shares in a very effective and efficient manner. When all the payments are settled and the product is delivered a detailed report is generated for each individual participant of the transaction.

Managing multiple bank accounts for a business becomes challenging for the business owners especially when the payments are centrally collected from the customers. With a split payment gateway integrated into the system, automation can be used by the company to split payments directly at the source where payment is received and route it into various bank accounts. 

Another feature provided by these payment gateways is the ability to scale the business operations according to the company’s needs and size. The smart automated scheduling systems in the software help the business manage even heavy traffic if necessary. Companies can also include international sellers to sell via their payment gateways as all the taxes and other payments are calculated automatically by the system.


The split payment gateway also provides the easiest integration facilities. Accounts of vendors, sellers, and service providers can be linked with the payments gateway without any physical paperwork. This allows the company employees to focus on the job more and increase their productivity.

Summing Up

An organization with a split payment gateway can not only provide a better service to its customers but also it simplifies complex transactions with other parties. This allows the company to easily track its cash flow and ensure that there are no outstanding payments hampering the business. With the ability to split the payments and income into groups directly at the source using the automated process provided by the gateways, the companies can ensure greater transparency.