What precautions should be taken when outsourcing payroll?

Monthly payroll processing is a complex routine and requires a great deal of labour. For this reason, specialists working in the field must be able to perform the tasks in a simple way and be available to answer any questions from employees, from the most diverse hierarchical levels of the company. Given this complexity, the solution found by many companies has been to opt for outsourced service.

Payroll outsourcing   avoids many internal issues related to miscalculation, and is also used as a strategy by companies around the world to maximize their resources. With it, organizations from the most diverse segments have more time to dedicate themselves exclusively to their true business and, still, reduce costs.

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Now that you know the reasons for choosing to payroll outsourcing in your company, be aware of the precautions to be taken when hiring this service.

  • Search for service provider references

When hiring the service provider, the entrepreneur must seek references and be alert to choose an outsourced company that effectively has the technical and moral conditions to work in partnership with your company.

In addition to these aspects, it is important to make sure that the company will be able to meet the requirements of labor, tax and tax laws, so that the contractor does not have problems in the future

  • Check the payment receipts

All receipts for payment of labor, social security, tax and expenses related to the liability of the third party must be required and, frequently, presented to the contracting company for investigation.

  • Follow the processes

The contractor may require the contractor to provide services with quality and within the terms defined in the contract. You can also watch over the execution of the work, but any charges or requirements must be made directly to the person in charge of the contracted company.

  • Check the outsourced activity

The organization to be hired must be a specialist in the type of service proposed, which can be proven by the presentation of the technician responsible and the end activity of the outsourced person, contained in the contractor’s social contract.

Depending on the type of service to be performed, whose remuneration is significant, it is important that the contractor proves to the contractor its financial strength, that is, its economic sustainability. Thus, you will have a safer and more efficient payroll outsourcing process.

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Conclusion: What processes can be outsourced on the payroll?

In monthly routines, we can highlight the calculation and processing of payroll, salary advances, admissions, terminations of contracts with assistance from the unions or the Ministry of Labour and Employment for approvals, list of documents and other legal subsidies.

The calculation of individual and collective vacations can also be outsourced, as well as the issuance of documents, guides, pay checks and labor charges.

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