When is the Right Time to Buy a Term Insurance?

With several responsibilities kicking in when you have just started with your dream job, there is immense enthusiasm to be a performer on both,the personal and the professional front. Your salary is the means of taking care of your parents, spouse, children and covering other amenities to lead a comfortable and happy life. But, what if in the course of becoming a performer, you lose something that is much more important than all this, your existence?

Losing a loved one can be the biggest challenge for any family. The absence of a person can be an emotional as well as a financial hurdle for loved ones. In order to be well prepared, investing your money in legitimate options toget an assured income is a great way to safeguard the interests of your family.

Termlife insurance is one such investment tool that offers the nominee the financial security of the sum assured. But just getting a term plan is not enough. You must also be diligent in buying one at the right time so you can benefit from the plan.

What is term life insurance?

Term insurance is an investment option that offers financial coverage in case of an unfortunate event such as the demise of the life insured. Investing in life insurance assures your family the much-needed financial support in your absence at an affordable premium.

Many people tend to procrastinate buying a term plan at the right age. Unfortunately, buying insurance is not a concern for many people in the prime of their life and most youngsters associate it to a later phase in life.

When should you invest in a term plan?

There are many factors that you need to think about when you consider investing in term insurance. The right insurance provider, requirements, offerings, reviews, and most importantly, the premium you have to pay before you can claim the benefits are vital aspects that need attention.

Life is unpredictable, which is why it is hard to pick the right time to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, but the sooner you can begin, the better it can be for your loved ones. Here are some points that can help you decipher the right time to buy term insurance.

  1. When you are young

The earlier you invest in a term plan, the more beneficial it can be.The premium payout is the most affordable in your 20s and goes on to increase as you age.

  1. When you have dependents

Apart from your own expenditure, the expenses of your dependents also require timely planning. A term plan can be useful for covering higher education expenses and marriage expenses of your children. The sum assured can also be used towards paying off home or car loans. In case of the insurer’s demise, the insurance money can help the spouse,and the rest of the family get back on their feet again.

  1. When you are perfectly fit

The best time to invest in term insurance is the time when you are healthy and fit. Diseases related to the heart, kidney, joints, etc. are more likely to affect a person as they age. People are generally their healthiest in their youth. This is the right time to get yourself insured at a low premium. You can also opt for a critical illness rider based on your family’s history of illnesses. Investing in term insurance and a rider policy can provide the necessary financial support to your family and provide for hospitalization expenses.


A term plan is one of the best strategies to safeguard the future of your loved ones. But it is also important to pay attention to it at the right time. Make sure that you consider these factors and make the most of term life insurance at the right phase in life.

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