Which color ink is more professional: Blue or black?

What ink color is more professional? What are your thoughts about black ink, blue, old ink and new ink? How do you feel about the ink that you use at work versus what you use at home? It’s not very clear! This is how the argument about blue ink versus black ink can best be summarized:

  • Legal documents in blue
  • Black Documentation for Passports
  • Blue Credit Card Application
  • Check endorsement: Black
  • Blue is the best when it comes to taking notes during class.

Our best recommendation is instead of a black or blue ink, use a pen that can be used in multiple colours. We love a challenge and will explore the possibilities. We will show you how to pack the right colour ink for signing documents, filing them, emulating them, and taking care of business every day.

What is the Best Blue Ink?

When you have to clearly distinguish an original signature from a copied signature, blue is the best choice.

Apply for Credit Cards: Are you interested in applying for a credit card? Grab your blue ink and a pen! Financial institutions find it easier to verify whether documents have been signed in blue ink. It is easier to copy a signature in blue ink than one in black ink. It is easier to tell fraud detectors if a signature is in blue than if it is inked.

Like the paperwork for credit cards, financial documents also benefit from having a blue ink signature. This is because it is easier to duplicate and makes it easier to distinguish original documents from copies.

To Sign Legal Documents: What color ink should you use to sign legal documents? The person who is going to check the document will need to see the page and be able distinguish between the original document and the millions of copies that they are making for distribution to different and unrelated parties. The person reviewing the document will want to see your John Hancock easily. These factors are why blue ink is widely regarded as the best option and is highly appreciated by legal professionals around the globe.

What is the Best Use of Black Ink?

When writing on documents that are going to be photocopied or scanned, it is best to use black ink. This is especially true if your signature is very important, such as when you apply for a passport. Although it is possible to use dark blue ink, no one wants their paperwork to be rejected because they don’t have black ink.

  • Black ink produces better copies and scans than other colours. Save everyone the hassle of trying to read difficult-to-read documents by choosing black ink.
  • A pen using black ink is the best choice for endorsing checks. Black ink is more effective at scanning checks than black ink.
  • Passport applications were scanned and copied. Research has shown that black ink scans better than blue ink. This can be very noticeable depending on the particular shade of blue used.