Winning Characteristics of an Expert Witness

Lawsuits are becoming increasingly common in all areas of work. Any industry can require the services of a finance expert witness as financial details or transactions can be the subject of many cases. The role of an expert witness is to provide an impartial and honest opinion of their area of expertise. These are the top characteristics you should look for when considering hiring an expert witness.

Communication Skills

The role of the expert witness is to educate, helping the attorney, court, and client understand the financial aspects of the case. Excellent communication skills allow the expert to gain the court’s interest and trust by explaining complex issues in a manner that is easily understood. An academic teaching history can help establish an expert witness’s ability to communicate clearly to a wide range of audiences. 


In order for an expert witness to be credible and believable, they must exhibit complete confidence in their opinion. Quality expert witnesses exude complete confidence even during times of stress such as cross-examination. An expert witness with ample trial experience will be capable of staying confident under the pressure of trial. 


Even before an expert witness speaks, trust in their opinion is established through credentials. Academic credentials aren’t the only thing to consider, professional credentials such as participation in leadership positions on professional committees or published research in reputable journals are important for establishing the expertise of a witness.

Attention to Detail

In order to handle difficult questions that can arise during cross-examination in a court case, the expert witness must have intense attention to detail. You want an expert who will study and re-familiarize themselves with every detail in a case, ensuring that no aspect has been overlooked


Often overlooked, but essential, consistency is a pillar of expert testimony. Consistency needs to be established not just within the case, but throughout the history of previous reports and testimony as well since divergent remarks can reduce the validity of an expert opinion. 


These are some of the important characteristics you should consider when selecting an expert witness. Establishing winning characteristics before the trial can help assure victory when the case is tried.


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