Step by Step Guide for Aadhaar Link to Bank Account

According to the government of India, seeding your Aadhaar Card with your bank account is compulsory. If your Aadhaar Card is not linked with the bank account, banks can deactivate your account. This makes it all the more important to link Aadhaar card to bank account. There are various procedures by which you can link the two. If you have not been able to link your Aadhaar with a bank account, you can follow any of the procedures given below.  The procedure to link Aadhaar Card to bank account is approximately the same for every bank. 

Steps to link Aadhar Card using internet banking

To link Aadhaar Card to bank account, you must make sure that you are already registered with the respective bank to use the service. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Access the portal of your internet banking.
  • Log in using your password and user ID.
  • Go to the segment to seed your Aadhaar card and bank account.
  • Choose the account you have to link.
  • Enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number.
  • Click on submit.
  • The screen will display the last two digits of the registered phone number.
  • You will receive an SMS regarding the status of the Aadhaar and bank account Link.

Steps to link Aadhaar Card using the mobile app of the bank

Most banks have their own banking app. Here is how a banking app can help you.

  • Download your bank’s mobile banking application.
  • Open the app and log in with your username and password.
  • You will see an option of ‘Requests’ or Service Requests or similar options. Click on this option.
  • You will get an option of ‘Update Aadhaar Number’ or ‘Link Aadhaar’.
  • Select the account you want to link your Aadhaar with.
  • Enter the 12-digit Aadhaar Number.
  • If there are any terms and conditions, hit ‘Accept’.
  • Select ‘Confirm’ or ‘Update’.
  • A message will be sent to you about the successful seeding of the Aadhar card with the bank account.

Steps to link Aadhaar card offline

  • Visit your bank or download and fill up the Aadhaar and bank account linking application form.
  • Provide the Aadhaar card number details of your bank account in the form.
  • Affix a self-attested copy of your Aadhar card along with the form.
  • Submit the form at the counter.
  • You have to produce your original Aadhar card for bank’s verification.
  • The bank will accept your application. It will take a few days to process your form.
  • After the linking is done, you will receive a message on your registered phone number.
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Steps to link Aadhaar Card with bank account using the ATM

  • Go to the ATM and swipe the card.
  • Enter the secret pin.
  • Click on ‘Registration’ under the ‘Services’ option.
  • Choose your account type, i.e., current or savings account.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number.
  • Re-enter the number and hit ‘Okay’.
  • You will be notified with a message on your phone if the linking is successful.

Steps to link Aadhaar Card with bank account by SMS

The Aadhaar card can also be linked with the bank via SMS, but not all banks have this provision. Besides, different banks have different SMS formats. Nonetheless, here are the steps you can follow.

  • Write an SMS in the given format of the bank. For example, UID<space>Aadhar Number<space> Account number.
  • Send the message to the bank’s number.
  • A notification reading that your request has been received will reach you. 
  • The bank will then cross-check the details with UIDAI.
  • If it is not successful, you will be asked to go to the nearest branch with your Aadhaar card.

Steps to link Aadhaar Card using mobile

You can use your phone to link your Aadhaar card with your bank account. You just need to know the correct number to do so, provided your bank has the facility. Here is how you can do it.

  • Dial the phone banking number or you can even give a missed call, depending on the instructions.
  • Choose the options from IVR.
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number.
  • You will receive an SMS after the linking is successful.

Why is it important to link Aadhaar card with bank account

At times we get to hear that somebody’s bank account has been hacked and cleared out with not a single penny left in it. Such transactions become untraceable. With the increasing number of bank frauds, it has become imperative to link the Aadhar card with the bank account. This will secure your account and prevent anyone else from impersonating you. 

The UIDAI states that when the bank account is linked with Aadhar, it will make it easy to trace fraudsters. Through this way, banking will become more secure and guard every account holders’ identity. Aadhaar will help in reducing financial risks.

Linking the Aadhar with the bank account is not only safe but also beneficial. If the two are successfully linked, you can avail various facilities such as you can make UPI payments through Aadhaar, receive the receipt of the LPG subsidy straightaway and so on. Hence, make sure you link the two immediately.